erica (papricka) wrote,

my body does the cha cha cha.

man, i'm such a teacher. it's fabulous.
i'm so lacking in this poor journal. i apologize, self.
what has been then haps lately? flag for homecoming is about the most exciting thing lately. it was really fun. friends from cali, friends from flag and phx. fun times. it was cold. got some fun pics. i miss flagstaff when i go back but i'm about ready to leave after two days. it will always hold a special place in my heart <3
i'm at the family's. i have a conference tomorrow out here and i don't feel like driving in a parking lot trying to get to the north side of the world. i'm a south (east) side girl! woo!
love my kids still more and more. having fun. being a grown up... not completely but getting there. still poor. still pretending i'm not.
when i get engaged or something i'll update. bye!
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