erica (papricka) wrote,

the grooms bride is a whore.

happy 2006. it's weird.
i've had the past two weeks off. haven't done much. went to wi for my grandma's funeral. freezing ass cold. i guess her dying was sort of a blessing in disguise since i was forced to spend some time with my family i wasn't planning on seeing this holiday.
christmas was pretty good. i'm getting old and not getting fun stuff anymore. household items is pretty much what i got. i guess that's good...stuff i would never get for myself. i'm just excited to use my one hour massage certificate.
last night was spent with wonderful people. a yummy dinner was made and we went to tempe to the big bang. i love that place. i love that it gives you something more to do than just drink and stare at everyone. we got there pretty early so we got a table. it got pretty crowded fast. than we took a usual $8 cab ride ($30 last night) to bill's. this guy was groping me...i didn't even know him but he knew us from duncan. the fact that he told me that and was still trying to get into my pants was a little disturbing to me. nice friend. FINALLY met holly. i gave her a hug. she might think i'm weird now.
now i'm just playing with cloie while no one is at the parents. deciding what to do. i still have a week off. i wanna go back to the piano bar. now! ALRIGHT. there's my update. check ya later.
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