erica (papricka) wrote,

breathe me.

it's so early and i'm avoiding all of the work i have to do in my class this a.m. first day back to school. it sucks! i'm so tired.
this weekend, well the past straight week, was super fun. i actually got to go out a lot...hung out with kt and the usuals. hit up the big bang. (i must find a bf there!) bowl games and such. my body has to get back in gear! angela and kevin came down from idaho. we had a lot of fun with them and adam and jeff.
oh, and danny bourbon died. :( he was my friend from wi and my homecoming and prom date. :( seriously, if one more person dies, i'm gonna lose it.
i don't really know the point of this post. guess i should get back to work. bye.
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