erica (papricka) wrote,

what school needs pencils and paper? rather, who needs school?

emails like these make me hate my job.

Teachers, Staff, and anyone else in the building,

Due to the financial situation at the district, all P.O. request are
being screened for a "Do you really need this" test. At this moment, my
purchase orders for ordinary school supplies have been denied. This has
left us with a shortage of daily items. Here is a list of supplies we
are out of.

No 2 pencils
Notebook paper loose leaf
7.8 oz glue bottles
glue sticks
small sized construction paper- White, Assorted, Yellow, Red, Orange,
Large sized construction paper- Pink, Assorted
transparent tape
masking tape
3x5 ruled index cards
5x8 ruled index cards
black and blue dry erase markers
black tempera paint
3 prong portfolio folders

merry christmas

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