erica (papricka) wrote,

i will go in this way. and i'll find my own way out.

okay, so i got a second job bartending/serving at a new restaurant opening soon by my school. what is wrong with me? i don't have enough stress? now i just wont have enought sleep? oh, well, a little extra money. i can stop feeling guilty about spending my paychecks since like one of them goes straight to rent. YUCK. i cant wait to buy a house.
okay, so i don't realize how much time during the day i don't sit and am not talking to a 6 year old until i have like 6 people in my room at a time (other than my students)...2 tutors, 2 aides, and 2 students from South Mtn Comm Coll. goodness gracious. they probably think i'll on speed or something.
glad it is friday. always. i am going to dinner with my family tonight. WOO. my lovely friend allison is in vegas for a bachelorette party. rock out!
well whaddya know, my lunch is almost up. ciao.
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